How are bookstores and video stores similar?

I am probably asked that question more than anyone else in the known universe, because I work in a bookstore, and I also recently published a novel set in a struggling video store.

I have pat answers prepared. But it's the subtext of the question I find most interesting. What people are really asking is, Isn't it sad how bookstores are going the way of video stores, that is, off this mortal coil?

"Yes, it's very sad," I want to say. "Except it isn't true."

The University of North Carolina Press has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation of New York to explore the obstacles and opportunities facing university presses as they seek to incorporate various forms of digital publishing. The funding will be used to study expanded publication models that can successfully and sustainably connect the emerging forms of scholarship that rely on digital and computer-based methods with the book and journal formats long associated with university press publishing.

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