Paolo Bacigalupi’s new speculative fiction novel titled “The Water Knife” is a genre-busting, genre-dissolving novel that is set ten minutes into the near future of America, and it ushers in a new chapter in the Colorado author’s career. In a recent blog post for the New Yorker magazine, staff writer Dana Goodyear surveyed the current […]

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I hope that Amazon’s CEO never becomes a blind visionary. But if Jeff Bezos’s eyes should ever go downhill in a serious way—a risk for millions of aging baby boomers—he could still enjoy e-books on inexpensive E Ink Kindles. All he has to do is follow advice from Shaun K. Kane, the Colorado computer scientist […]

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I was at 8,000 feet on a mountain hike in Colorado when a reporter called my cell phone, told me about Amazon's latest "offer" to "resolve" the dispute with Hachette, and asked for my reaction. My first thought was, "wow, what a brilliant move by Amazon and it seems, at first, like a win all around." I might have heard this wrong, but I think the reporter was under the impression at that point that Hachette would accept the offer. That was wrong, and so was my first reaction.

Is it just us, or does it seem as if there’s an unusually large number of quirky library stories floating around lately? Thanks in no small part to the digital revolution, many municipal libraries today are watching their budgets shrinks at they same time they find themselves having to defend against accusations of irrelevance. But there [...]

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Impelsys, a global leader in providing electronic content delivery solutions, today announced the commercial launch of a new title acquisitions system for libraries that enables library staff to order eBooks for their collections directly from participating publishers.

Impelsys' new eBook Ordering System was developed in partnership with Douglas County Libraries (DCL), a seven-branch public library system in Douglas County, Colorado. The eBook acquisition dashboard was beta tested by DCL's professional staff and system modifications were made prior to commercial launch this week.

In 1987, the Federal Bureau of Investigation approached Columbia University librarian Paula Kaufman with a request: keep an eye out for commies.

She refused to cooperate with the bureau's "library awareness" program and her defiance helped spark a nationwide backlash against government snooping into Americans' reading habits. Even knowing the government might be watching, people realized, could change what you choose to read—and in turn alter what you think

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