Oyster, Scribd and Amazon's Kindle Unlimited may well be household names, but an earlier player in the e-book subscription market was Danish company Mofibo. Already established in Denmark and Sweden, and launching in the Netherlands this summer, Mofibo now has its sights set on the UK market.

The Copenhagen-based company is led by c.e.o. Morten Strunge, who could fairly be described as a prodigy. At 19, Strunge started mobile operator Onfone. He sold it five years later for £31m and in 2013, at the age of 26, he launched e-book subscription site Mofibo.

A new proposal from the European Commission calls for a "Digital Single Market Strategy" which would remove many of the digital and practical trade barriers between EU member nations and combine Europe's piece-meal national markets into a single EU-wide digital market.

If this works out then it could help solve one of the goals Europe has been working towards since 1957.

That’s the question asked by an article in Publishing Perspectives. COPENHAGEN: “I don’t think it’s immodest to say it, but I believe we’re the biggest e-book publisher in the world,” says Thomas Buus Madsen, co-founder and COO of Danish e-book publisher Bookboon. “To give just one reason why, over the last weekend in February we [...]

Topics:climate change, climate change The predictable failure of the Durban conference on climate change to achieve the goals of binding international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, following on the failures of the earlier Copenhagen conference and the Kyoto treaty, is the result of intellectual failure, not just a lack of political will. At the heart of modern environmentalism is the idea that the planet must be saved from further damage by humanity.  But it is far from clear that this is possible or even that the transformation of nature by human beings with technology is necessarily a bad

From Publishing Perspectives comes an article by Mark Coker: Approximately 90 Scandinavian publishing executives gathered earlier this month in Copenhagen at the historic Carlsberg brewery for the annual invitation-only Scandinavian Publishing Executive Meeting. Schilling, a strategic consultancy for Scandinavian publishers, organizes this annual confab. For the first time, Schilling held the conference entirely in English. Also [...]

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