As Chief Business Development Officer at Denmark’s Mofibo, Europe’s success story in the world of ebook and audiobook subscription models, Nathan’s role is to identify the markets in which Mofibo will roll out as well as establishing relationships with media, telco and hardware partners, and negotiating terms with publishers and authors. Mofibo currently operates in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and proudly represents all publishers in all markets.

Previously, Nathan was Penguin Random House’s Digital Product Development Director, with strategic responsibility for its blossoming digital portfolio and a strong focus on product innovation. He sought out and brokered partnerships to bring the best of current and future technologies to projects, and implemented product development across all digital channels and in multiple markets. This range included multiple app platforms and new eBook and web technologies, most notably the global Stephen Fry: YourFry initiative to explore storytelling globally with tech hubs, innovation labs and universities.

Prior to publishing, Nathan managed bands and was also Universal Music’s senior digital marketing manager executing the original partnerships with the likes of Spotify, PlayStation, Nokia, eBay and Sky.

Oyster, Scribd and Amazon's Kindle Unlimited may well be household names, but an earlier player in the e-book subscription market was Danish company Mofibo. Already established in Denmark and Sweden, and launching in the Netherlands this summer, Mofibo now has its sights set on the UK market.

The Copenhagen-based company is led by c.e.o. Morten Strunge, who could fairly be described as a prodigy. At 19, Strunge started mobile operator Onfone. He sold it five years later for £31m and in 2013, at the age of 26, he launched e-book subscription site Mofibo.

Sad to say, Egmont Publishing has had to close its US business after trying but failing to find a buyer. The official Egmont statement said: Egmont Publishing, which at $900 million is the largest division in the Denmark-based Egmont group, employing 2,400 people across 30 countries, has a new strategic focus, which is to invest in […]

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I’m fortunate enough to be published by a Danish publisher – and stories like this one make me realize how apt this is, and how lucky I am. For a Danish official research fund, the Danish Council for Independent Research (Det Frie Forskningsråd – DFF) has reportedly decided to fund a PhD project to the tune […]

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Simon & Schuster has cut a deal with Danish e-book subscription service Mofibo for its backlist titles.

The partnership involves S&S backlist titles from its authors in the US, UK, Australia and India, including works from Dan Brown, Cassandra Clare, Ernest Hemingway and Stephen King.

The move means readers in Denmark and Sweden will now have access to those titles via Mofibo.

Publishers from Belorussia, Pakistan, India, Denmark, Australia, Malaysia, the U.S. and China were among the winners of the first London Book Fair International Book Industry Excellence Awards, given in association with the Publishers Association and presented at the fair yesterday.

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