I’ve had a soft spot for Detroit ever since reading Alexander C. Irvine’s superb alternate history novel , set down on the wartime Ford golem (yes, golem) production line. So I’m glad to be able to report that Detroit has also created just about the best scheme imaginable for writers. For now, unfortunately, it only [...]

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From Kodiak to Key West, Concord to Carlsbad, Grand Forks to Galveston, in 6,200 towns and cities across America, more than 25,000 World Book Night U.S. volunteers will go out and personally hand out a half million free books to new or light readers on one day: April 23, 2013.

Entertainment Promotions, known for its thick coupon book, abruptly closed its doors after 50 years Tuesday, laying off 667 employees, including 225 at its Troy headquarters.

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing also surprised its customers across the country, which include many schools that sell the books for fund-raisers.

Despite the closing, as of Tuesday afternoon, Entertainment Promotions' website was still taking orders for books. The company's Facebook and Twitter pages were still posting offers for the books on Tuesday morning.


 Reviews on Amazon are becoming attack weapons, intended to sink new books as soon as they are published.

In the biggest, most overt and most successful of these campaigns, a group of Michael Jackson fans used Facebook and Twitter to solicit negative reviews of a new biography of the singer. They bombarded Amazon with dozens of one-star takedowns, succeeded in getting several favorable notices erased and even took credit for Amazon’s briefly removing the book from sale.

Stick a fork in Rights Haven’t, I mean Righthaven—it’s done. Techdirt reports that the company has stopped showing up at court cases altogether, leading them to be dismissed “for lack of prosecution.” CEO Steve Gibson is now working for the Las Vegas office of Detroit-based law firm Dickenson Wright (while being investigated by the Nevada [...]

When British cities erupted into violence in August 2011, the world once again began to ask why and how such riots begin, and whether there will ever be a solution to civil unrest.

This important ebook, a collection of writing by the Guardian's finest contributors, charts the causes and responses to riots and disaffection from Notting Hill in 1958 via Brixton, Toxteth, Detroit and LA, to the present day, with diverse voices including Jesse Jackson, Alistair Cooke and Russell Brand.

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