“The Crash,” the latest aptly titled episode of “Mad Men,” is a runaway toboggan ride through the emotional wasteland of Don Draper’s psyche that’s been analyzed and dissected as much as the Zapruder film at this point. Love it or hate it, “Mad Men” has now entered the realm of myth with Don Draper doubling as an Orpheus-like tormented soul who has descended into the underworld under the illusion that he can reclaim his idealized woman (the mother he never had) only to discover ….

What started with asking for a blanket on a chilly evening grew into a collection of lady-like quips about everything from hummus to doilies, as well as a web presence that boasts more than 1.8 million Twitter followers and 30 million YouTube views. And now, they can add one more notch to the bragging post: a book.

Sh*t Girls Say has used its feminine persuasions and hilarious one-liners to break from the pack of Internet memes, and elbow its way onto bookstore shelves.

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