Hunt Valley

Hunt Valley, MD - The Sheridan Group (Sheridan) and The OPUS Group announce the addition of Clays Ltd. as the newest member of the Content Delivery Alliance (CDA).  The CDA was created in 2011 to support the growing distribute and print need among international journal and book publishers. 

Building on their successful Sheridan Digital Select technology, The Sheridan Group has released Sheridan Select, a next generation publishing solution for managing offset and digitally produced books and journals. A feature-rich architecture gives book and journal publishers a single point for order entry, significantly streamlining the process of ordering and managing a range of print products - from “one-off” print-on-demand to print runs in the thousands in both perfect and case-bound finishing. Publisher benefits – versatility, simplicity, and efficiency – are achieved through the use of one or all of three modules:

LinguiSystems, a publisher serving speech language pathologists throughout the United States and Canada, partnered with Sheridan Books for the technology that would enable them to sell ebooks from the existing e-commerce platform on their website — expanding the format options available to their consumers.“The publishing world is changing and we want to support our customers with new products, formats, and tools that help them experience greater success in the classroom” remarked Jim Johnson, Director of Production at LinguiSystems.

The Sheridan Group has expanded their Electronic Content Services (ECS) commerce platforms to allow integration with Sheridan’s Print-on-Demand (POD) system, Journal Anthology support, and the ability to auto-import multiple titles into the system.

Sheridan’s ECS offering, launched over a year ago, enables publishers to sell books and publications directly to consumers from their websites, creating a new publisher revenue stream.

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