Las Vegas

In the wake of a new survey which revealed a dramatic drop in author incomes, the award-winning Irish writer Julian Gough is funding his new novel with an unusual Kickstarter offering backers the opportunity to receive postcards from Las Vegas bearing whisky stains, lipstick, and even bullet holes.

Gough has dubbed his "economic-slash-literary experiment" Litcoin, and hopes the concept might be copied or modified by other writers.

On Monday afternoon, the Pulitzer Prize Board will announce the winner of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Or not. Last year, for the first time in 35 years, there was no prize awarded for fiction. Imagine Bono walking on stage to award the Grammy for Album of the Year and announcing that there wouldn't be an award for Album of the Year. It was like that. The snub earned the Pulitzer Prizes more publicity -- and not the good kind -- than the actual awards …

Call it phablet, phonelet, tweener or super smartphone, but the clunky mobile phone - closer in size to a tablet than the smartphone of a couple of years back - is here to stay.

A surprise hit of 2012, it is drawing in more users, more handset makers and is shaping the way we consume content.

"We expect 2013 to be the Year of the Phablet," said Neil Mawston, UK-based executive director of Strategy Analytics' global wireless practice.

Righthaven could now be called “Rights Haven’t” for real. Long-time Righthaven critic Steve Green gleefully reports that a Las Vegas federal judge has stripped Righthaven of 278 copyrights and its own trademark. Apparently Righthaven couldn’t even be bothered to show up at the hearing, and the judge decided they had acquiesced to the transferal by [...]

Dell is not among the companies announcing a new tablet this week at the CES show in Las Vegas, but it made sure to keep its name in the air. It says it plans to release a brand new tablet in late 2012, as part of a redoubled effort after very mixed success with its line of Android-based Streak devices. In an interview with Reuters , Dell’s chief commercial officer Steve Felice does not say whether Dell’s new tablet will continue that Android line, or whether it will be based on Windows 8, the new Windows-based, tablet- and

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