Little Rock

It’s easy enough to understand why Curious George books are first grade fare and why Camus is often saved for the 12th grade. But what about all the books in between?

For the most part, teachers and literacy experts are the ones charged with considering sentence complexity, word difficulty, themes and other characteristics to judge the readability of text. But by turning over much of that analysis to algorithms, startup Unbound Concepts believes it can not only assess more text with more granularity, it can individualize education for K-12 students and…

Can a book change a child’s life? The 145 winners of this year's Moonbeam Children's Book Awards think so, and the medal-winning books prove their authors’, illustrators’ and publishers’ dedication to inspiring young minds and imaginations.The 2012 Moonbeam Awards medalists represent a wide range of style and content, and the judges were affected by the many encouraging and sometimes challenging messages for children

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