Madrid – cradle of the Spanish Golden Age, birthplace of Pedro Salinas, José de Echegaray and José Ortega y Gasset, a city so devoted to literature that it has an entire district dedicated to it, the Barrio de las Letras, containing the residences of Miguel de Cervantes, Quevedo, Góngora, and Lope de Vega … No surprise that it has some superb literary cafes, […]

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You might not remember back that far, but ebook subscription services have been around for since the turn of the millennium. The Madrid-based company 24symbols was, arguably, there first-well before anyone else-and they launched in the midst of a terrifying financial recession that left nearly half of Spain's youth unemployed and the publishing industry in a free fall.

Now, four years later, they are still here, and co-founder Justo Hidalgo is busy hustling his small team around the globe to work on new partnerships and launches, trying to outpace Kindle Unlimited, Scribd, Oyster, Bookmate,

For images that express and dramatize the crisis in the printed word, you could do worse than the sculptures and installations of the Madrid-based sculptor Alicia Martin, who has been producing images and effigies incorporating books in radical, highly stressed arrangements since the mid-1990s. Her work includes commissions directly linked to books, libraries, bookshops, and [...]

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From DefectiveByDesign: On May 4th, members of the Defective by Design DRM Elimination Crew all over the world will join together at local events to protest Digital Restrictions Management. Events in Boston, Madrid, London and Toronto are already coming together, and more are on the way. See for the latest events. Let us know [...]

The company behind the most-used search engine in the world continued its endeavor to scan library collections from around the word by expanding its book-scanning project to Spain this week. Google announced Tuesday its new partnership with the University Complutense of Madrid in its Google Books Library Project, an effort to digitize hundreds of thousands of book in the university’s library collection, the largest library in that country. The Spanish institution joins Harvard, New York Public Library, Oxford, Stanford, University of Michigan and University of California in the project the company started two years ago. “Out-of-copyright books previously only available to people with access to Madrid’s

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