You walk into the bookstore, past the tables of "Books for This Month's Holiday," and find your way to the Foreign Language section. Bring up your bébé in French; speak Chinese like a Tiger Mom; have a conversation in Russian that would warm the cockles of Putin's heart—it's all here. And if you already know a foreign language—Spanish, say—you'll also find novels and self-help books right next to "500 Spanish Verbs."

Contrary to the notion that independently owned booksellers are on the decline, smaller, non-corporate-owned retailers have shown strong growth in the last few years, according to the American Booksellers Association (ABA). The ABA reported 97 new stores that became members of the group last year, more than the 90 members from 2005. The group has about 1,700 company members that represent about 2,400 storefront locations. Meg Zelickson Smith, director of membership marketing for the ABA, spoke with Book Business Extra about the independent booksellers of today, and how they are affecting the industry. Book Business Extra: What do you believe is causing people to want to

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