Here’s some Amazon news that hits me literally right where I live. Today Amazon began charging sales tax on orders shipped to Indiana—where I currently live—as well as Nevada and Tennessee. I can see why the states want to get their hands on the extra money, and technically we should be paying sales tax or [...]

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Stick a fork in Rights Haven’t, I mean Righthaven—it’s done. Techdirt reports that the company has stopped showing up at court cases altogether, leading them to be dismissed “for lack of prosecution.” CEO Steve Gibson is now working for the Las Vegas office of Detroit-based law firm Dickenson Wright (while being investigated by the Nevada [...]

Earlier this month, a U.S. court of appeals ruled against a graduate student importing textbooks from Thailand and selling them online. This ruling may have far-reaching implications for libraries and secondhand book dealers.

There is a law called the First Sale Doctrine. According to the American Association of Law Libraries website, this means that "a person who buys a legally produced copyrighted work may 'sell or otherwise dispose' of the work as he sees fit, subject to some important conditions and exceptions."

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