Why I thought you’d say “yes” to free books. And so here they are. Basically, MakeUseOf.com, “a leading destination for digital productivity tips and your guide to cool stuff on the Internet,” has made available a bunch of manuals, guides, and reference works on its website, in PDF, EPUB, or online-readable form, completely for free. […]

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From The Bookseller: Google Books and the French online publication ActuaLitté have launched a digital library of out-of-copyright books that have been scanned by the US firm. All the titles in the Google Books catalogue will be available through actualitte.com/bibliotheque for free downloading in PDF or ePub format. The library is fully integrated into the [...]

Adobe is making a play in the world of e-books with the release of a new user-friendly application that will allow people to view digital editions of books and magazines on their computers. Nearly a month after Sony introduced its new Reader device to the market, the Adobe revealed Adobe Digital Editions, new, free e-book viewer and manager software, at the MAX 2006 conference in Las Vegas. Digital Editions will allow users to read and manage eBooks, digital magazines and digital newspapers on their computers. The software is a new introduction to the e-book viewer market for Adobe. The company currently offers Adobe Reader, a PDF-based

by Rose Blessing Seybold Seminars, held in February in Boston, included an e-books pavilion on its trade show floor. In addition, it designated three companies in the e-book field as "Hot Picks:" Glassbook. Glassbook's Reader software facilitates buying and reading of electronic books on a laptop or desktop PC. Users can download it for free. The Glassbook Content Server software (now in beta test, available to publishers for $900 plus a per-book-sold fee) is a Web-based system that automates the e-book supply chain for publishers, distributors and booksellers. Functions include e-book preparation, entry and fulfillment of orders from online bookstores; management and protection of digital rights; and

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