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Digital resources in the form of ebooks, audiobooks, and other media are beginning to take flight across the country by way of airport library branches.

Branches have popped up in airports around the country, including Philadelphia International; Seattle-Tacoma International; Manhattan (Kans.) Regional; Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood (Fla.) International; Boise (Idaho); and San Antonio International, over the last couple of years, and more are in the works. Library officials say these branches are cost-effective and promote not only the library's digital resources but also encourage travelers to visit their local branches when they return home.

The new public library on San Antonio’s south side is missing something that once seemed unthinkable: books.

The south central Texas city’s completely digital library, known as the BiblioTech, lets Bexar County readers check out up to five books at a time on their devices from home or wherever they are. Military personnel can even download the latest bestseller from Afghanistan.

No device? No problem.

Locals can check out tablets or e-readers for free. Or they can use the library’s 48 iMAC desktop computers.

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San Antonio seems to have a thing for bookless libraries. First, the University of Texas in San Antonio opened the nation’s first bookless library in 2010. Then a San Antonio judge had ambitions of opening the nation’s first bookless public library system last year. Turns out he was successful. Local NBC affiliate NBCDFW has an [...]

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Hoboken, NJ, November 06, 2013 - John Wiley & Sons, Inc., is pleased to announce that the 2013 Alexis Walker Award will be presented to Professor Linda M. Burton and Professor Ingrid Arnet Connidis. The biannual award, which honors original scholarship in family studies, will be presented by the National Council on Family Relations on 6 November in San Antonio.

We knew it would come this … eventually. Did we not? Honestly, I figured we had a good five years ahead of us before libraries began opening their doors with nary a physical book in sight. Shows what I know. From Gizmodo this afternoon comes the fifty percent shocking, fifty percent predictable news that the Bexar [...]

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You walk into the bookstore, past the tables of "Books for This Month's Holiday," and find your way to the Foreign Language section. Bring up your bébé in French; speak Chinese like a Tiger Mom; have a conversation in Russian that would warm the cockles of Putin's heart—it's all here. And if you already know a foreign language—Spanish, say—you'll also find novels and self-help books right next to "500 Spanish Verbs."

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