The subscription model has already taken off in music and television, with providers such as Spotify and Netflix. Consumers have shown an increasing preference for such all-you-can-eat bundles, as opposed to buying each item separately. That worries book publishers and authors, who still make most of their money from sales of single copies. So far they have approached subscription services cautiously, holding back their newest and most popular titles from them. Only three of America's five biggest publishers have so far made their works available on Oyster or Scribd.

For yet another year, Iceland is on track to cement its reputation for being the most literary society in Scandinavia’s already hugely literate constellation of nations and peoples, with Jólabókaflóð. That, when you’ve finished trying to wrap your tongue, or even your eyes, around it, is Iceland’s annual “Christmas book flood,” when Icelandic publishers release a […]

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Simon & Schuster has cut a deal with Danish e-book subscription service Mofibo for its backlist titles.

The partnership involves S&S backlist titles from its authors in the US, UK, Australia and India, including works from Dan Brown, Cassandra Clare, Ernest Hemingway and Stephen King.

The move means readers in Denmark and Sweden will now have access to those titles via Mofibo.

Los Angeles, CA (19 June, 2012) – Providing evidence of value remains an elusive goal for academic libraries across geographic borders, according to a new report published today.  The findings are the results of a six-month research project commissioned by SAGE, which sets out recommendations for academic libraries to enhance their working relationship with academic teaching and research staff. ‘Working together: evolving value for academic libraries’ was undertaken by LISU, a national research and information centre based in the Department of Information Science at Loughborough University (UK).

Publishing Perspectives has another of those guest-column-cum-self-promotional pieces it runs every so often, this one from Jonas Lennermo, creative director of Publit—the company who provides the e-commerce solution used by Harlequin Scandinavia, as well as several large and 200 small publishers in Scandinavia. Lennermo discusses the benefits of publishers selling their books D2C (Direct To [...]

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