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Just as the swifts have returned to UK skies reassuring us that summer is shortly here and that all must still be well with the global eco-system, so the latest terms dispute with Amazon is similarly reassuring in its own way. After all, if there were no dispute with Amazon, wouldn't we be worried?

According to the tech news site Recode - and congratulations to it for breaking the story (how many had heard of the site before, one wonders) - Penguin Random House UK is currently negotiating a new contract with the retailer.

French photographer Franck Bohbot has created a marvelous series of photographs of the great libraries of Europe – although Harvard Public Library does feature as well – as part of an ongoing project called House of Books which will eventually expand to embrace South America, Asia and North America. “This is about the places that we have […]

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And the ebook race is on in Brazil.

While we here at Book Business tend to focus our attention on the U.S. (and, to an extent, the U.K. markets), we've been keeping an eye on publishers' and retailers' ebook efforts in other parts of the world. The lure of easy digital distribution to all those billions of readers in markets like South Asia, South America, Africa and beyond must be absolutely mouthwatering for retailers.

Macmillan Education said Monday it will cease publishing a print edition of its dictionaries, following other publications into an online-only format as print sales decline.
Final editions of the dictionaries are now being printed.
Macmillan Education, a unit of Macmillan Publishers Ltd., said it will focus on its expanding digital resources, including an English language dictionary and thesaurus, a column on emerging words and Open Dictionary, which allows users to submit new words and slang such as Frankenstorm.

As publishers continuously seek to cut costs, many are exploring sourcing work overseas—from manufacturing to content management services, among other tasks. If you're considering this, arm yourself with the information you need to evaluate potential partners and determine whether an overseas partnership will work for you. BookTech Magazine asked industry experts with experience in evaluating offshore partners and working overseas in different capacities to share their tips: Determining if offshoring is right for you. To determine whether you will benefit from manufacturing offshore, consider: 1 If you're publishing one-color trade paperbacks or four-color jobs that can run on a U.S. web press, stay

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