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Stamford, CT, July 16, 2013 — Simba Information, the market research firm specializing in publishing and media, has released a sister publication to the most recent edition of the prophetic Trade E-Book Publishing report series: The Amazon Kindle Report 2013. By drawing upon exclusive, nationally representative data, Simba has estimated about three out of four Kindle Fire owners use e-books, which makes owners of that tablet more engaged with digital book content than iPad owners as Simba has consistently found that about half of all iPad owners aren’t e-book users.

The implementation of Common Core State Standards in school districts and the looming new assessments associated with the standards and the obsolescence of many of the textbooks currently used in classrooms are combining to fuel demand for new curriculum materials in 2013, according to the 2012 National Textbook Adoption Scorecard and 2013 Outlook, the new strategic education market report from Simba Information.

Simba Information, the market research firm specializing in publishing and media, has published an addendum to its recently released "Trade E-Book Publishing 2012" report. In addition to showing an updated list of e-book hardware trends, the data indicates that about 24.5% of U.S. adults consider themselves to be e-book users, up from about 17.2% the year before; the sudden rise may be due to consumers buying the runaway bestselling series 50 Shades of Gray.

STAMFORD, CT--(Marketwire - Jul 9, 2012) -  Awaiting the implementation of Common Core State Standards and a turnaround in the economy, the PreK-12 publishing market is in a transitory period: experiencing strong growth in digital courseware while other key segments hold steady, decline or prepare to evolve. According to a recent report by publishing forecast firm Simba Information, the PreK-12 market will post a strong compound annual growth rate of 8.8% through 2015 for digital courseware, while textbooks prepare for a major shift. 

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