Tempe, Ariz.

Even as more readers switch to the convenience of e-books, publishers are giving old-fashioned print books a makeover. Publishers are putting more thought into books' aesthetics. Many new releases have design elements usually reserved for special occasions deckle edges, colored endpapers, high-quality paper and exquisite jackets that push the creative boundaries of bookmaking. If e-books are about ease and expedience, the publishers reason, then print books need to be about physical beauty and the pleasures of owning, not just reading. When people do beautiful books, theyre noticed more, said Robert S. Miller, the publisher of Workman Publishing. Its like

Travel media company Lonely Planet, publisher of the Lonely Planet travel guidebooks, announced a partnership this week with Tempe, Ariz.-based Limelight Networks, a content delivery network (CDN) for digital media. Limelight will drive Lonely Planet’s new LonelyPlanet.tv travel video channel, which offers original travel programming via the Internet. “Choosing Limelight’s content delivery network has proven to be a smart business decision for our roll-out of LonelyPlanet.tv,” said Sohail Dahdal, digital manager, LonelyPlanet.tv. “We looked at all the different streaming services and found that Limelight was best-equipped to accommodate our future growth. Limelight’s infrastructure allows sites such as ours to rapidly grow and develop as

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