Tulsa, OK

Tulsa, OK-based children’s book publisher Educational Development Corporation will no longer sell any of its titles on Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN), in a move EDC president Randall White calls “critical” to his company’s growth. However, the company is uniquely positioned to make such a move. EDC, which had revenues of $27.2 million in 2011, owns two lines of books: Kane/Miller, which publishes children’s books in translation from around the world (yup, including Everyone Poops) and the U.S. branch of educational illustrated Usborne Books (the company is run separately in the UK).

by Tatyana Sinioukov Seybold Seminars program director Thad McIlroy, Arcadia House, highlights key issues of PDF workflows Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF), the new golden child of the publishing industry, was a hot topic at Seybold in San Francisco in September. As PDF workflows are being implemented in various ways by industry pioneers, many agree that PDF stands a very good chance of becoming the standard for digital workflows in the near future. PDF, says Thad McIlroy, president of the San Francisco-based Arcadia House and program director, Seybold Seminars, will have a profound impact on the efficiency and profitability of workflows. A major advantage

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