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London-based publisher Faber & Faber and the Perseus Books Group have entered into a partnership that will see Faber using Perseus' digital technology to publish its books globally, in both print and digital.

Under the arrangement, Perseus' client service business, Publishers Group West, will represent Faber's titles in the U.S.

In February, Faber cut ties with Farrar, Straus and Giroux after 17 years (FSG published titles in the U.S. through Faber and Faber Inc).

Amazon has launched its Kindle Unlimited subscription ebook service in Canada and Mexico, its eighth and ninth market respectively.

Today's news comes more than six months after the service first launched in the U.S., and a little over four months after it landed in the U.K.

For CDN$9.99 ($8 USD) or 129 pesos ($8.60 USD), subscribers can access 750,000 ebooks, though it's worth noting that you won't be able to access all the latest bestsellers - many of them are self-published titles created through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Citing a lack of funding from outside the book industry, World Book Night U.S. is suspending operations.

Executive director Carl Lennertz said, "This has been a remarkable, passionate undertaking, and it has been a success by all measures, except for one: outside funding. For three years, the publishing industry and book community have very generously footed the bill and contributed enormous time and effort, and my gratitude for all of that is immeasurable. For us here at World Book Night, this experience has been life-changing

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