Arthur Attwell

I have been studying e-publishing in developing countries since 2009, when Ramy Habeeb (Egypt), Arthur Attwell (South Africa), and I set up the Digital Minds Network to informally exchange data. As digital publishers in the Global South, we didn't feel that the US and European business models fully met our needs. Then, in 2011, the International Alliance of Independent Publishers and the Prince Claus Fund asked me to do a detailed study of the digital phenomenon in Latin America, Africa, the Arab World, Russia, India and China.

The Professional and Higher Partnership Ltd ("P&H") announced that it has signed an agreement with Paperight to distribute books through Paperight's print-on-demand network. Through the Paperight website ( anyone with an internet connection and a printer can, in return for a licence fee, create copies of books through its website. Paperight then shares its licence revenue with the publishers.

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