Bill Pollock

"We have never used DRM and we never will. It's just foolish," says Bill Pollock, founder and official "Big Fish" of No Starch Press, a small San Francisco publisher. DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is the technology used by publishers and other copyright holders in their attempt to control how digital content and devices such as ebooks are used after they are sold. No Starch Press, which publishes books for geeks on a range of tech-related subjects from hacking to programming for kids, plus lots and lots of books about Lego

I was fortunate to speak with Bill Pollock of No Starch Press, just prior to their debut on the popular Humble Bundle service. I had contacted him because I was searching for Lego-themed books, and was delighted to find a publisher who both published such things, and also offered them DRM-free, and in print/eBook bundles! […]

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I have just returned from the Publishing Business Conference & Expo in New York (full coverage begins on page 10) and couldn’t help but feel that this year, more than ever, there was a sense of camaraderie, a message of “We can do this. Look at all the opportunity out there.” In an interview for this issue, Jane Friedman, president and CEO of HarperCollins Publishers Worldwide (see the story on HarperCollins on page 18), said, “I think that, in the past, publishers have been afraid of change. … What we’re all seeing now is that experimentation is necessary, and … everybody is facing the

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