Bob Kasher

Australia-based DNAML’s DNL eBooks and Macmillan Publishing Solutions’ (MPS) Global Reader have joined forces in an effort to accelerate publisher adoption of the DNL eBook format (.dnl) and the Global Reader mobile format. The companies are encouraging publishers to submit either a PDF or XML file (preferably .epub) to MPS, which will then produce a bundle of products at a special price that will include immediate access to both the DNL eBook and Global Reader sales platforms. DNAML has over 110 million DNL readers currently active on laptops and computers worldwide, while Global Reader is on 80 mobile carriers in over 160 countries and

Book publishing is not commonly identified with the sort of risk-taking that one would associate with, say, the Sergey Brins and Steve Jobses of the world. And, the last company one might expect to see out on a proverbial limb would be a publisher of dictionaries (a tradition-bound format if there ever was one)—yet it was no less a player than the stalwart Merriam- Webster that over a decade ago risked it all, so to speak, by putting its dictionary online for free. “One of the reasons we [offered early on] our biggest best-seller on the Web is that, if we take seriously that

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