Bob Young

Eugene G. Schwartz is editor at large for ForeWord Reviews, an industry observer and an occasional columnist for Book Business magazine. In an earlier career, he was in the printing business and held production management positions at Random House, Prentice-Hall/Goodyear and CRM Books/Psychology Today. A former PMA (IBPA) board member, he has headed his own publishing consultancy, Consortium House. He is also Co-Founder of Worthy Shorts Inc., a development stage online private press and publication service for professionals as well as an online back office publication service for publishers and associations. He is on the Publishing Business Conference and Expo Advisory Board. intrdocued a new pricing feature for eBooks that enables authors to sell their digital content with a price tag of $0.00. Many authors, like best-selling author Cory Doctorow, are finding that free eBooks often lead to increased overall sales.

Lulu CEO and founder Bob Young talked to Paid Content's Robert Andrews at this week's World E-Reading Congress in London. What's interesting about Lulu's revamped approach is they seem to have recognized that, to succeed, authors need to know how to think and act like publishers—which, in effect, is leading to a new generation of publishers cast as service providers catering to independent authors. Lulu is revamping its business model to cater to them. 

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