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Just yesterday we ran a profile of founder Eric Hellman; it was written by one of our colleagues, Book Business magazine editor-in-chief Brian Howard. It turns out, though, that we probably should have waited at least one more day before running the story, because released a bit of important news earlier today, at around [...]

Our very own Paul Biba, Editor in Chief Book Business' sister site TeleRead, is the guest on this week's installment of Dquarium's Bibliotech podcast, talking about "e-books and e-publishing, the rise of Amazon, the future of libraries in the new e-content landscape, and why publishers hate libraries." Give it a listen.

We’re just back from the 2007 Book Business Conference and Expo and planning for next year’s event. If you missed this year’s conference, check out some of the highlights on pages 10-14. It was humbling to be a part of this gathering of brilliant publishing minds, both speakers and attendees. But with this year’s conference frenzy winding down, we head into another busy and exciting time of year, with our Gold Ink Awards competition. If you’re not too familiar with the Gold Ink Awards, it’s the nation’s most prestigious print competition, founded 20 years ago, to recognize the finest in print production. We receive

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