Bryan Batten

Ellen Harvey is a freelance writer and editor who covers the latest technologies and strategies reshaping the publishing landscape. She previously served as the Senior Editor at Publishing Executive and Book Business.

Book Business interviewed several leaders in the publishing industry to discover what new trends will disrupt publishing in 2015. We featured those interviews in our December issue. Here we want to share the full interviews, which offer valuable insight on the future of the book business.

Following Bryan Batten, CEO of subscription platform Entitle, shares his insights on the year to come in publishing.

WILMINGTON, N.C., Sept. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- eReatah (, a groundbreaking e-book subscription service that offers 80,000+ titles spanning every genre, launched its private beta today.  Available for all iPads, iPhones (iOS) and Android devices, the Web- and app-based service allows users to choose from three different plans and acquire e-books for 20 - 40+% less than their average retail price.

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