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By Caleb Mason As a small publisher of literary fiction, I am very grateful to have a retail resource like Espresso On- Demand Books. Publerati will have three titles available through the Espresso Book Machine Network this spring, and although there are a number of unique challenges to marketing and selling books this way in […]

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Recent years have brought publishers greater access to data, and with it, more nuanced insight into everything from the topics that certain demographics are interested in to the completion rates of specific books. While most publishers may not aspire to replicate the latest literary fad to the farcical extent that Homer does, some in the industry have expressed concerns that an overreliance on data in service of reducing risk could stymie the creative aspects of title acquisition and diminish the vibrancy of the industry

The photo industry may not seem like a likely source of insight for book publishers, but its transformation in the 1990s has a few lessons worth noting, as Publerati founder Caleb Mason observes in his September blog post. In-store photo kiosks-the instant photo printing machines that now occupy nearly every department store and pharmacy in the U.S.-bear more than a passing resemblance to print on demand book machines, writes Mason, a former photo industry professional himself.

Publerati is pleased to announce now through December 26, 2013 we will donate 100% of our publisher's share of all Publerati ebook sales to the Worldreader Organization, who also has a matching program in place now through year-end.

A core mission of Publerati is to increase access for excellent fiction around the world using ebooks and e-reading technologies. Worldreader is achieving remarkable success through a combination of hard work and vision in providing digital readers and ebooks to teachers and children in developing nations.

Sometimes living in Maine has unexpected advantages beyond lobster, seaside air, and friendly people, as I discovered yesterday when learning one of the newest beta sites for the Espresso Print-on-Demand system was being unveiled at a South Portland Books-a-Million store. Publerati is located in nearby Portland.

When I became editor of TeleRead a month ago, Caleb Mason of Publerati reached out to me on LinkedIn. I took a look at his hybrid agent/publishing company model and was intrigued. He was kind enough to answer a few questions via email. Enjoy! TeleRead: From what I’ve seen from browsing your site, Publerati doesn’t [...]

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