Christopher Keanneally

Earlier this year, Book Business magazine published a cover story titled "Who Are You?" that delved into the issue of publishers and branding. The story suggested that now—especially in this time of digital content and Internet discovery—book publishers need to get sophisticated about their branding efforts.

In the new installment of the Copyright Clearance Center's Beyond The Book podcast, Christopher Keanneally, the CCC's Director, Business Development (and a member of Book Business's editorial advisory board) interviews Lynn Rosen, Editorial Director of the Publishing Business Group.

Publishers of ebooks have a dilemma: You want readers to find (and purchase) your products. But you don't want pirates making your products available for free. But is digital rights management (DRM) technology, one method publishers use (with questionable success) to combat piracy, a hindrance or even antithetical to content discovery?

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