Dev Ganesan

Aptara, a provider of digital publishing services, has just announced a new publishing partnership with the Vatican, for whom they will produce ebooks. These ebooks, the Vatican’s first, will be an illustrated series of Pope Benedict’s weekly addresses, dating back to March, 2006.

While only the most severe of futurists predict print's total demise, most publishers have accepted that digital products need to be a slice of their revenue mix, and a growing slice at that.

Yet it's one thing to recognize that change must happen; it's quite another to enact that change, especially when you can't exactly hit pause on your business while you reconfigure your workflow, to say nothing of tackling that massive backlist.

That's why many publishers are turning to the wide world of service providers who make it their business to help publishers solve digital content and digital transition issues.

Aptara, a global leader in digital media solutions and multi-channel content production, announces its acquisition by iEnergizer Limited, a publicly listed company based in London (LSE:IBPO.L) with a market capitalization of approximately USD 700 million. Aptara will continue to operate as a standalone entity and retain the Aptara name.

“iEnergizer recognizes that the market for digital content production is immense and still largely untapped,” said Dev Ganesan, Aptara’s CEO and President. “Their strategic investment gives Aptara a wider and longer runway for expanding the scope and scale of our operations at a time when publishers are pursuing vendor consolidation."

Falls Church, Va.-based digital publishing solutions provider Aptara has partnered with VitalSource, an Ingram Content Company, to make publishers’ content accessible to readers with disabilities. By providing content development and conversion services that now include tagging specifically for Section 508 of the Federal Accessibility Guidelines, Aptara’s publishing customers can utilize VitalSource’s new Bookshelf e-textbook platform.

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