Editor’s note: This is Part One of Duncan’s LibraryCity series on the Digital Public Library of America and public libraries. Part Two is here. A decade ago, doomsayers insisted that the Internet would kill off public libraries. They said we were looking into the maw of an enormous digital beast, and libraries were just the [...]

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Book publishers know the importance of fast time to market, and in few industry sectors is it more crucial than high-tech publishing. High-tech book titles become obsolete the moment a new operating system, programming language or other technology is introduced. At O'Reilly & Associates—a publisher of books covering everything from the Internet to XML, Mac OS X, open source, Java and Web services—accelerating the publishing process can literally mean the difference between success and failure for many titles. When the company decided to publish "Running Mac OS X Panther" in late 2003, O'Reilly and the impending author, James Duncan Davidson, knew

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