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Passion Rather Than Business Sense Fueling Book Publishing Start-up Funding? (DBW) It’s not what a library stocks, it’s what it shares (The Guardian) Bestselling author riles many, calling libraries ‘no longer relevant’ (Christian Science Monitor) Amazon shares climb on Kindle e-book optimism (Yahoo! News) Kindle Daily Deals: The Last Dance by Ed McBain (and 3 [...]

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Handheld E-Book Reading By Donna Loyle, Editor They're getting smaller, smarter and cheaper—all at the same time. In the last year or two, numerous handheld e-book reading devices have hit the market. Innovative features include audio capabilities; built-in dictionaries; revolutionary easy-on-the-eyes type; backlit LCD screens; highlighting ability; direct Internet connections; and much more. While this article does not cover all of the e-book readers available (for example, many e-titles can be read on Palm PDAs, which are not marketed as e-book reading units), the information below offers a quick roundup of some of the latest and coolest devices recently introduced. RCA REB1100

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