Edgar Allan Poe

Short stories as a literary form need no introduction. What’s more, writers probably need no justification to continue writing them – they always have and likely always will. There are things you can do with a short story that you simply cannot do with a longer work, most of all what Edgar Allan Poe referred […]

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There’s a well-known, much-quoted, and apparently simple prescription for writing success that any budding writer can take up. It comes from Edgar Allan Poe, it appeared in 1848 in Graham’s American Monthly Magazine of Literature and Art (which Poe himself edited briefly in 1841-42), it is classified among his marginalia, and it goes like this: [...]

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In one of the ironies of my ebook adoption journey, the shelf space I used to occupy with books is being given over to a range of non-book items with markedly book-esque themes. There is the art print of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven; which was gifted to me by my Beloved; there were the [...]

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We know that the era of "big data" has already fomented great change in book publishing. But it's also making waves in book scholarship. Academics are exploring new and fascinating ways of analyzing literature not as specific works but as corpora: huge bodies of works spanning decades and even centuries.

In his new book, Macroanalysis: Digital Methods & Literary History (University of Illinois Press), Matthew L. Jockers, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln Assistant Professor of English, takes readers into what he modestly calls "this thing I'm doing." "To call it a field is perhaps premature," he says.

The last, distraught days of Edgar Allan Poe are charted with spellbinding vitality in “Red-Eye to Havre de Grace,” a highlight of the theatrical offerings at this year’s Live Arts Festival here. At times funny, at times heartbreaking, and from quirky start to haunting finish a feast of entrancing visual allurements, this exquisite show is among the most original musical theater works I’ve seen in years.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (September 4, 2012) HarperCollins Publishers announces today the launch of BOURBON STREET BOOKS, a new line of paperback mystery novels.

BOURBON STREET BOOKS will publish all types of mysteries and will feature paperback originals, reprints, backlist titles, and reissued classics. We will launch the line in the fall 2012 season with two paperback originals: The Hollow Man, an exciting debut by British author Oliver Harris, and Blood Line, the 7th book in the Anna Travis series by international bestselling author Lynda La Plante, both publishing on October 23rd.

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