Edgar Sawtelle

I recently became a follower of Khaled Hosseini, author of “The Kite Runner,” on Twitter. I was shocked to see that he had only 920 followers. Not that 920 is necessarily a small number of followers … but it’s Khaled Hosseini, for heaven’s sake. I started looking for some of my other favorite authors. I couldn’t find Barbara Kingsolver (“The Poisonwood Bible” is one of my all-time favorites) on Twitter, but she did have a Facebook profile with 3,845 fans (now 3,846).

HarperCollins parent company News Corp. reported its fiscal first-quarter results, including a $33 million decrease, from $36 million to $3 million, in HarperCollins' operating income compared to the same period last year. Last year, the $36 million in profits represented a 35-percent decrease from the year before.

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