F.A. Davis

If you’ve been a Book Business reader for several years, you’ll recognize the feature in this issue highlighting the “Best Book Publishing Companies to Work For.” This is the third year we’ve conducted this study not only to recognize those companies that have gone the extra mile to create places where employees thrive, but also to share the characteristics of positive work environments to help others striving to improve their workplace culture.

The "Best Book Publishing Companies to Work For" list is Book Business’ annual ranking of companies that embody the philosophy that a company’s employees are the key to its success, and that employee happiness translates to a more motivated, productive workplace. Many companies on the list show that being a great company isn’t just about offering an attractive benefits package (though that certainly helps). The companies that made this year’s list create environments where employees are valued and respected professionally, and they also work to help enhance employees’ personal lives. Whether it’s through profit sharing, ample paid time off, telecommuting options, childcare services, fitness facilities, adoption assistance or pet-friendly policies, these companies go the extra mile to keep their employees happy—and it shows.

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