As I read Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead," I nodded so hard that I worried my neck would sprain. I noticed after a while that the highlight function on my Kindle was turning every page fully yellow. The takeaway? Succeeding in business—whether that business is a blog, the PTA, or being COO of Facebook—is hard, and nobody can do everything right. But you can try, and you can remain a human being while doing it. My own mom was a classic '70s feminist…

I know that all we hear about in the mainstream press anymore is how print books are taking a beating and that in the future we'll all be reading digital texts projected through virtual reality goggles right out of some William Gibson fever dream.

And while that may or may not come to pass (and you may or may not be geeked on the idea), one of the most common lamentations of this vision of the future is the disappearance of the book shelf as a cultural touchpoint (and as a way to judge friends and acquaintances when we visit their homes).

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