G.P. Putnam

Penguin Group announces the launch of the global Licensing and Consumer Products division at the 2012 International Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, NV. As a leading publisher of diverse and engaging brands, Penguin offers licensing opportunities on every page. Penguin's beloved and recognizable book series and characters reflect a company that has been telling great stories for over 75 years and is also a prime source of intellectual property for the licensing industry across multiple platforms, including digital, media, entertainment, and merchandise. The Penguin Licensing and Consumer Products booth #5918 features bestselling literary brands from top markets in United

Len Kain, vice president of marketing, Dogfriendly.com, knows firsthand how much of a gamble fulfillment can be in the book business. While he’s figured out a system for just the right level of inventory, he concedes it can be a roll of the dice. As a small publisher, he’s learned to play the game of fulfillment and returns to his best advantage—to reduce losses and increase gains. For him, as for larger publishers and also distributors, developing efficient warehouse fulfillment and return procedures can involve a healthy run of trial and error. So what is working and what isn’t? Book Business interviewed two

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