George Bush

The FBI has released a 191-page file on former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Gawker notes. The document actually dates back to 1991, when Jobs had long left Apple, but was being considered for an appointment to the President's Export Council in the George Bush Sr. administration. It also makes reference to an earlier bomb threat against Jobs, dating back to 1985.

As part of an unprecedented promotional blitz, book advertising unlike any other was rolled out at the Richmond International Raceway last weekend. An advertisement for his new thriller “The Book of Fate”-- Meltzer’s sixth novel, released Sept. 5 -- appeared on Fitz-Bradshaw’s No.12 car during the Busch Series NASCAR race in Richmond, Va., on Sept. 8. The logo of the book and Meltzer’s name appeared on a circular sticker placed on the hood of the car. The New York Times best-selling author earned recognition as a writer of the acclaimed 2004 “Identity Crisis” superhero miniseries for Warner Brother’s DC Comics. In another groundbreaking attempt at

We've always known it's smart to collaborate. Now we're realizing it's stupid not to. This is one of the profound effects of the digital publishing revolution. Before the digital era, it was easy to talk about cooperation and teamwork, and then go about our business much as we always had. Graphic designers didn't have to care about how an editor did their work. Editors didn't have to care about production technology. The printer didn't care how the publisher created those stacks of repro, the publisher didn't care if the printer "fixed" mistakes found at the last minute. And those shadowy figures at the periphery of the

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