George Clooney

Here's a cool twist in payment models for long-form content: Trendy online eyeglasses company Warby Parker is sponsoring an e-single at publishing startup The Atavist. Through the partnership, you can read Joshuah Bearman's "Coronado High" free on the web for a month. It's normally $2.99.

"We worked with Warby to build some really cool interactive sponsorship integration into the story design," Atavist cofounder and CEO Evan Ratliff told me. "It's a first. We're taking a piece of long-form content and letting an advertiser sponsor the ability for readers to get it for free."

Not even a George Clooney sighting could disrupt the 2006 Book Business Conference and Expo, which took place March 20-22 at the Hilton New York. The celebrity was filming his latest picture just feet away from the conference’s registration area and—predictably—attracted all sorts of ogling from attendees and passers-by, but it was the conference and expo that were the stars of the week. Much like the industry it serves, the conference found itself in an unprecedented state of evolution when it kicked off on Monday, March 20. In its 10th year and amid revolutionary changes in the world of book publishing, this year’s conference

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