George Dick, a division of Four Colour Print Group, announces  the first eBookstore dedicated to delivering premium quality illustrated eBooks to consumers. While simple fiction and non-fiction books have proven their commercial viability on black and white e-readers like Amazon's Kindle, the market for full-color, heavily designed and illustrated books is still largely untested. was created specifically as the preferred website where buyers shop for illustrated eBooks, knowing they can depend on the quality of the product.

No region in the world is safe from piracy. That's the conclusion of Patricia Judd, executive director of international copyright enforcement and trade policy at the Association of American Publishers (AAP) in Washington, D.C. "Piracy is a worldwide phenomenon," Judd says. The AAP estimates losses to its members of more than $600 million a year in about 67 markets across the globe. As more book publishers explore their offshore book manufacturing options, foreign book manufacturers are boosting efforts to lure American publishers. It's all in the name of lowering costs. But does this offshore manufacturing activity put publishers at an increased risk of

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