Giovanni Mancini

Once again, the Japanese electronics giant has come up with a terrific piece of new technology — a breakthrough product that lots of people might want.

And then it has done its level best to strangle the product in its infancy.

A short while ago I sat down in Boston with Giovanni Mancini, director of product development at E Ink, and got an early peak at Sony’s new “Digital Paper” product. This is basically the closest anyone has yet come to a digital piece of paper.

With ebooks growing in popularity, it has become essential to offer consumers better ways to read them on their devices. Publishing Business Conference & Expo speaker Giovanni Mancini has been at the forefront of this effort, guiding E Ink through its latest launch of Carta, the display for the new Kindle Paperwhite which is 22% whiter, providing improved contrast for readers to view materials.

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