One in every 4 US household has a tablet.  Majority of digital content purchases made on smartphones and reading is one of the most popular tablet activities. Over 4 million books on Google Play.  Can be read on Andoid phones and tablets, iPads, iPhones and on the web.  For Google play the book is completely [...]

Apple Insiders Dump Stock Nigam Arora Contributor Google: Citi Pounds The Table; Boosts Target To $750 Eric Savitz Forbes Staff Amazon Launches Kindle Touch 3G To Expand Tablet Reach Trefis Team Contributor Apple Cuts Off A Slice, Still Full Of Juice John Dobosz Forbes Staff The iPad has been a big success for Apple (AAPL).  Apple bulls dream of iPad gaining and maintaining a market share similar to iPod.  As a matter of fact, this is one of the propositions underlying some of

With a trying 2008 and 2009 behind us, most publishers who attended the 2010 Publishing Business Conference & Expo (, March 8-10, seemed, at the very least, less worried about the future than they were last year, and, in fact, most were quite optimistic. The conference theme, "Publishing at a Tipping Point," was the unifying force behind more than 60 educational sessions presented by 150 speakers from all walks of the publishing industry. The presentations and discussions focused on industry shifts and practical information to help publishers adapt and thrive.

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