There’s No Such Thing as a Real Reader (Book Riot) I like to imagine the first guy Gutenberg told about his press. “Movable type? Huh. I guess you’re not a Real Reader. Real Readers like that books are produced through typographic block printing. Books are supposed to be rare and full of imperfections. Every book is [...]

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I'm writing this note on Election Day Eve, and while the world is eagerly reading Nate Silver's political predictions in his excellent New York Times blog FiveThirtyEight, I've been tucking into Silver's new book, "The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail — but Some Don't" (Penguin Press).

Silver holds an exalted position as a high priest of political statistical analysis; his model for crunching polling data in 2008 proved eerily accurate. As publishing moves into an era of big data, there's much to be gleaned from Silver's cool approach to information. Silver's stance is that, contrary to conventional wisdom, more information is not necessarily a good thing, and certainly not right away.

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