Ryan "Dinosaur Comics" North writes in with the improbable tale of his amazingly successful Kickstarter for a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style adaptation of Hamlet, which has made him a fortune and prompted him to release the whole thing under a Creative Commons license:

    There's a little under two days left on the project for my chooseable-path version of Hamlet called To Be Or Not To Be. You can play as Ophelia, Hamlet, or Hamlet's Dad, but if you choose him you die on the first page and play as a ghost.

Two new book-related startups that launched in beta this week seek to redefine the book buying, browsing and selling experience. A host of reading-related startups to launch recently—Subtext, Readmill, Findings—focus on social and sharing but don't touch on the down-and-dirty, selling-more-books part.

Bilbary and Jellybooks are different. Both have UK-based, book-publishing-backgrounded founders and neither has Silicon Valley investors or big funding. I'm not saying that's a good or bad thing—just that the sites are in early stages and somewhat barebones for now. Bilbary, founded by former UK bookstore chain Waterstones managing director Tim Coates, focuses on an

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