Harry Bingham

Publishers need to communicate better with authors, pay them more and utilise writers' skills to market books, but most writers would still choose to be published traditionally, a survey has found.

The Do You Love Your Publisher? survey, co-produced by authors Harry Bingham (in the UK) and Jane Friedman (in the US), questioned 812 writers with experience of being traditionally published on areas including publisher satisfaction, agenting and self-publishing; 310 of those questioned were authors based in the UK and Ireland.

Harry Bingham reached out to me last week with a link to an article he published on his blog about the Amazon/Hachette situation. I was intrigued by his point of view and his intentions to become a hybrid author. He kindly agreed to an interview to expand on his views. His candor and openness impressed […]

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A major survey of professional authors has revealed serious levels of dissatisfaction with traditional publishers. One third of authors report that they were not consulted about marketing plans. Asked about marketing campaigns, 38.7% of authors chose the answer, ‘What marketing campaign? I never noticed one.’ Almost one-half of authors (45.8%) say that their publisher has never asked them for feedback. When asked, ‘With your next book, if some other publisher offered you the same advance as your current one, would you move to the new house or stay where you are?’, just 37.3% of authors chose, ‘I’d stay.’ That

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