Since the extremely talented Simon Strantzas has graced us with a very unsettling Christmas special, “Making Merry,” I thought that this was a good time to pick up on a couple of modern classics of free festive fear. Or Gratis Gibbering Ghoulishness. That’s modern, because free out-of-copyright chilling Christmas classics are more plentiful than Jacob […]

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Thanks to leading eBook self-publishing website Lulu.com, 20-year-old Emily Kwissa was able to share her own account of surviving years of domestic violence and sexual molestation at the hands of her former stepfather - the version that's been doubted and ignored by doctors, lawyers, and other adults throughout her life. But when her abuser complained, Lulu quickly and impersonally removed her memoir from the site, even though Kwissa changed her ex-stepfather's name and other identifying details to protect his privacy. Have you read that all-too-familiar story about silencing the victim to protect the offender?


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