James Martin

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at the Kindle launch event in September 2012 (Credit: James Martin/CNET) "People don't want gadgets, they want services," declared Jeff Bezos. This is the Amazon CEO's sleight of hand to diminish the value of gadgets, especially...

If Amazon.com gets its way -- and that's still a big "if" -- it will soon control 76 new domain extensions on the Internet. Most observers had expected the company to apply for .amazon and .kindle, but it seems that was just for starters: Amazon's ambitions also include a host of generic terms, including the likes of .free, .like, .game, and .shop. Amazon is looking to nab a slew of compelling names, and if things unfold the way Amazon hopes, the outcome of this power play could reshape the world of Internet commerce -- at least as it relates

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