Jay Mandel

Book publishing has been famously slow to embrace technology, but some industry executives are hoping it's never too late to change. Taking a page from the tech community, an independent publisher and a top talent agency will announce Monday that they have joined forces to host the first-ever publishing "hackathon."

The aim will be to inspire programmers, designers and entrepreneurs to develop an app, widget or website that solves the riddle of how to expose potential book buyers to titles they didn't know they wanted. The issue has become a critical one for publishers as they face the decline of

Literary agents and editors have a long tradition of meeting over lunch to talk about work.  I always found it to be a lovely perk of the industry to conduct business while dining at one or another of New York¹s fine dining establishments (on the company tab, of course). In this “Lit Lunch” segment of Pub Buzz, I'll take the occasional peek at who's lunching with whom and what they're chatting about.

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