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Now that Amazon has announced that it's selling more books in digital form than in print, it's only logical that even the smallest of independent publishing houses are racing to make their entire backlist available as ebooks. Book Business solicited a wide range of advice about the ebook conversion process from digital publishing pros. Here's what they had to say:

Get the step-by-step guide to preparing source content for quality eBooks.
Set-up your eBooks for success with the step-by-step instructions on source content preparation included in "What to Expect When You’re Converting."
This overview of eBook production pointers from Content Solutions Architect, Jean Kaplansky, includes:

- Starting from Scratch: A Brief Overview of the Content Conversion Process
- Creating eBook EPUB Format Files from Production-Ready XHTML
- What Publishers Can Do to Facilitate Content Conversion
- Best Practices for Preparing Source Content for Conversion
- Best Practices for Working with a Conversion Partner

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