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Assuming your tablet is the property of the entire family, sharing eBooks and digital newspapers and magazines is easy - just pass the iPad. But many tablets and eReaders are the exclusive property of their owners, so content sharing is rare. This is a problem when consumers compare the value of digital to that of print. eBook The Book Industry Study Group, working with Nielsen Book Research, released a study last week that shows the steady growth of eBooks. 

A new study by the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) puts a twist on the conventional wisdom about ebook consumers, e-readers and tablets. Released today, the study reveals that dedicated e-readers (such as the e-ink Kindle and Nook devices) are losing ground to tablet devices (particularly the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet) as the preferred e-reading device of ebook consumers.

British children aged 10 and under are reading e-books, but on laptops rather than designated devices like the Amazon Kindle.  Once they turn 11, they embrace the Kindle as their most widely used device for e-book consumption (Figure 1). These insights are courtesy of Bowker® Market Research’s Understanding the Digital Consumer project, an ongoing study of the use of e-books by British consumers.  The latest wave of research, completed in March 2012, included an extended set of questions around children and their use of digital content.

Join hosts Book Industry Study Group — the standards and research body for the US publishing industry — and Bowker Market Research — a leader in consumer research for the US & UK — as they debut results from the first ever Global eBook Monitor (GeM). This virtual webinar, offered on both the 2nd and 23rd of April will host participants from around the world thanks to the support of participating partners Pearson, Tata Consultancy Services and AT Kearney in making the seminar available to the global publishing community.

Bowker has merged the U.S.-based PubTrack Consumer brand with U.K.-based Book Marketing Limited (BML) under a new global brand named Bowker® Market Research. Products and services coming together under Bowker Market Research are the newly merged U.S. and U.K. consumer research products, industry statistics, U.K.’s Book Marketing Society, and U.S. bibliographic statistics.
The day-to-day operations of the team will be headed up by Jo Henry as Director of Bowker Market Research.

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