John Deasy

The Los Angeles Unified School District sent a letter to Apple Inc., this week saying that it will no longer pay for Pearson-created software installed on iPads purchased from Apple because it does not work. The District also said it wants a refund.

Southern California Public Radio reported that school district General Counsel David Holmquist sent a letter to Apple making the demands, saying, "While Apple and Pearson promised a state-of-the-art technological solution for ITI implementation, they have yet to deliver it."

Superintendent John Deasy has launched a vigorous defense of his oft-maligned initiative to give all Los Angeles Unified School District students iPads, penning a six-page letter to the L.A. school board in response to mounting criticism that the high-profile technology initiative was flawed by conflicts of interest, possible manipulation of the procurement process, and ongoing implementation woes.

In the letter, Deasy defended the relationships that he and senior staff had with Apple and Pearson, the vendors who last year won a $30 million contract to provide

A massive expansion of classroom technology has come to a grinding halt in Los Angeles.

The LA Unified School District had planned to buy some 700,000 iPads for its students and teachers. The Apple tablets would include learning software built by publishing giant Pearson. But Superintendent John Deasy announced earlier this week he is canceling the contract and restarting the bidding process.

The decision comes on the heels of an investigation by NPR member station KPCC, which obtained emails between Deasy and tech executives

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